In California English, a strip mall or shopping center defined by unenclosed stores with external entrances, separated from the street by a large parking lot. A normal plaza is anchored by a grocery store, a drugstore, or both. A power plaza is anchored by big-box stores. Many smaller plazas have no anchor store, just a selection of tanning salons, gift shops, and takeaway restaurants.
That plaza used to have a lot of cute stores, but then Alberton's left, and now you have to be Cambodian to even read the signs.
by dr-wende December 18, 2005
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Where you can get all things, with bells on.

The plaza is everywhere you buy things, except Wal Mart.
Sarah wanted to get a couch, so she went to the Plaza and ordered one couch, hold the bells.
by mls03 August 17, 2008
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A person of low intelligence and/or character that feels an irresistible urge to spend each day in its entirety at the Spokane Transit Authority's "Plaza" located in downtown Spokane, WA. Plaza Rats can be viewed in their natural habitat at 701 W Riverside Avenue around the clock, regardless of whether or not STA Security has locked them out of the building for the night.
I banged up my car and had to take the bus, two Plaza Rats begged me for money, three begged me for smokes, and I think one of them was trying to mate with me.
by PLNaHD August 13, 2011
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The sarcastic 27 year old that you probably recognize from Funny People, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and as April Ludgate, the eye-rolling assistant to Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Most guys think she's hot-just because she's there. Also, she has a strange obsession with hags.
Aubrey Plaza is from Delaware.
by holasayonara June 27, 2011
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A shopping center off of old keene mill road in springfield VA that has many good shops and places to eat... such as chipotle, starbucks, giant, mcdonalds, hard times cafe, popeyes, treasure trove, and trader joes. This is a great area to go shopping and eat. In the less ghetto part of springfield
I saw you at springfield plaza today!

I know i was shopping for some delicious food

Where did you go?

Giant AND Trader Joes
by I love farting February 20, 2010
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a man or woman who is obnoxiously effeminate in a group setting
That bitch is such a plaza queen, everybody within 10 feet cleared the dance floor.
by plazaqueen January 22, 2012
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The place where parents want to over pay for their children to get the same education they would at any other public school. The only difference being the dress code and enormous amounts of teenage pregnancies. It can also produce a musical that God Himself would hate to hear.
Also, we kicked Mr. Green out. he didn't quit. SGSA
"Do you go to Plaza Heights?"
"Oh, I'm sorry...."
by Carsile October 27, 2011
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