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1. a person that is fussy for not apparent reason

2. a person that has just recently urinated in their trousers

3. a woman displaying thoughts, actions, or feelings of PMS
hello mister pissy pants.

hey pissy pants, you are being a real bitch today.
by Derek D'Gilly June 13, 2004
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Usually referred to a person who hates everything. Is never happy with anyone or anything. Very critical of what others are doing. Constantly complains. Even pissy when everyone around them is having a good time and laughing. aka Debbie Downer
Do we have to invite her again? She is such a pissy pants.
by seriouslyonlyme April 12, 2009
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the act of being a pissy little arrogant know it all fuck. being an all around douchebag, having a bad temperment and being unpleasant in general for no reason other than being pissed that you suck at life
"I had an awful table that was so pissypants. I knew I wouldnt get a tip as soon as they sat down."
by MISSMAYHEM13 August 24, 2009
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a british person who decides to go out & ends up sitting in the corner refusing to have a good time. usually very "sensitive" (read: crazy). tends to be very bad at playing telephone by not being sexually suggestive enough when allowed to create the sentence.
he was a real pissy pants last nite at the pub- lets never hang out with him again.
by merrin November 09, 2005
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1)pants worn when your pissed off at someone and nobody ants to deal with you
Hannah wheres pissy pants everyday even when she thinks she isnt wearing them
by derek lehn January 24, 2007
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A term of endearment for a woman who is so busy ruling the world she doesn't have time for bathroom breaks.
Person one: "Wow, it's amazing how much she can do in a day! "
Person 2: "Yes she's a real pissy pants"
by Dawn Alite July 19, 2016
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