Another word for a transition guy aka the rebound. The guy used by a girl in between relationships. She shits on him (figuratively and/or literally) and leaves when she's done or she finds someone better. Could work with the genders reversed.
My girlfriend broke up with me after a week because she said she found someone else... I'm a fucking rest stop
by greynoise May 4, 2009
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A person who is gay, but lives a double life as a heterosexual. Beyond closeted. The person may be married with kids, etc. but gets the gay love on the sly, in cheap motels, bath houses and rest stops.
I know he's married, but he's gay--rest stop gay--why do you think he's always going on "business trips" to San Fransico.
by elvette July 30, 2006
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Super low grade single ply butt ribbon found in the bathrooms of rest stops,service stations and most other public rest rooms.Contains visible chunks of wood pulp.15 sheets glued together qualifies as plywood.What name brands compare their product to and refer to as "the next leading brand".
I got splinters in my fingers from using that rest stop toilet paper.
by wolfbait51 May 9, 2011
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My old creepy boss who also sported a pedo-smile.
Our old boss used to creep us out, and then we decided that he was a rest stop area queer-bait mother fucker!
by Recruiter June 25, 2009
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