You wouldn't steal a handbag.
You wouldn't steal a woman's purse.
You wouldn't kill a policeman and steal his hat.
And then go to the toilet in it.
Then send it to his grieving widow as a present.
And then steal it again!
by Why am I still alive? December 28, 2017
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The best thing to happen to music fans since the invention of recorded music.
My friend got arested for music piracy and now has his ass reamed in prison everyday by his 500 pound negro cellmate Bubba. FUCK THE RIAA!
by Dr. Awesome July 27, 2006
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The act of frequently engaging in the pilaging of another mans anus.

You engange in butt Piracy if you are considered a Butt Pirate
Look at those guys sitting at that table, i bet they're big Butt Piracy fans
by TheSauceMan May 6, 2009
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(Please note that this definition does not condone piracy)

A criminal act of illegally copying a movie into another format (such as VHS, DVD and digitally) and then distributing it. It has existed since the days of silent movie, but grew more in the 1980s when analog camcorders became commonplace. It grew even further in the 2000s due to digital tapeless camcorders being silent and the internet being in the majority of households on the planet Earth. It grew even further in the 2010s with the availability of high-quality bootlegs on pirate websites.

This act causes financial issues, which studios may lose money. In some cases, some studios may get even get bankrupt.
"Movie Piracy is no party!" - Lampy from The Brave Little Toaster
by Ryan900USAYT April 12, 2022
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"PIRACY IS NO PARTY!" is a reference to a fake anti-piracy screen in Mario Party DS. The first video showing this anti-piracy screen was uploaded by Joey Perleoni on October 13, 2020. The video begins with the minigame Cherry-Go-Round, with the minigame quickly being interrupted by an error noise and two error screens, followed by the anti-piracy screen. The picture is from the beginning of Story Mode, where Mario and co., shrunken down, are put in jail.
Exception occured at 68 65 6c 6c 73 61 74 61 6e
Please turn off the power and destroy the
Game Card.

Software piracy detected. You are in possession
of an illicit copy of this title. Please turn off the
power immediately.


It is a serious crime to pirate video games.

Please power off the system and report this

stolen software immediately.

For more information please visit

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The act of act eating a huge amount of bad food at a cheap restaurant, then doing a runner before the bill arrives.
Hutnut: Merz inhaled half a dozen pizzas, a six-pack of brewskies and a big chunk of chocolate cake, and then hit the road like a shirker bandit.

Sharman: That's total fat piracy.
by Ba(Ng) May 28, 2010
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For one man to perform anal sex on another man, that does not involve consent from the man who is being analy violated
Whilst Darrell was passed out, John dragged him in to his bedroom and committed butt piracy upon him.
by JackTors November 12, 2019
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