Downloading and distributing copyrighted content (music, software, games, audio, etc.) for free and without permission. Despite it being illegal, it’s way more common than you would think. You’ve most likely watched pirated content before.
An example of piracy is downloading an entire movie for free and then posting it on YouTube without editing it at all.
by nlolhere June 26, 2020
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The downloading or copying one a copyrighted item. Piracy is achieved through the use of P2P programs, such as Kazaa, Direct Connect, WinMX, BitTorrent, or etc. However, there are a few websites that legitimately offers pirated items.

Through piracy, everything short of nourishment and clothing can be achieved. You can pirate books, music, video games, movies, or software. However, there are a series of argument pertaining to piracy. Such arguments are:

1) Industries - Those bastards are stealing money from us. If we could stop piracy, prices would go down enormously and there would be more jobs due to more demand!

2) Pirates - If we couldn't pirate, we wouldn't buy your overpriced crap anyway! Who the hell is gonna pay $600+ for Photoshop or $200+ for new Windows OS? And "there will be more jobs", my ass! You'll most likely outsource jobs to India for more profit!

3) Litigious Jerk Offs - We'll have those pirating bastards on their knees in no time, but first, we have to find out the age of those we sue! Those goddamn idiotic American people gets all giddy eye every time we sue a little boy for downloading 50 Cent. If we don't, he's going to grow up to be a serial killer!

Basically, the argument boils down to the industries wanting more profit, pirates wanting to spend less, and litigious jerk offs wanting to make more money by suing everyone. So far, the industries are still making enormous profit because the vast majority of people don't know how to pirate. The pirates are still pirating because piracy is virtually impossible to stop. And the jerk offs had been blasted for suing several wrong people, but they managed to scare a lot of people off of Kazaa.
by BusinessMan July 4, 2005
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The act of illegally downloading software. Mostly caused by the fact that corporations are greedy and charge too much. And by the fact that it's almost impossible to find official releases of video games, DVDs and other software outside of Canada, the US, EU and a few other countries.
Dammit, I can't find that DVD in any store, piracy here I come.
What?! 79$ for 30 minute movie?! Fuck that, I prefer piracy.
by Ze Georgian September 1, 2014
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Too much desire to get involved in lucrative piracy in Somali seas. A strong feeling of love and admiration for piracy on the high seas.

Some background information

Pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, and the waters far off Somalia’s eastern coast continue to increase not only the geographic range of their attacks, but the way they attack vessels. Somali pirates have adopted tactics that now allow them to attack more than 1,000 nautical miles off the Somali coast, with hefty ransom payments over $5 million per ship. Many pirates were lured to start such that new business by tales of easy cash.
A lot of unemployed young Somalis are affected by the pervasive piracy-philia.
by Abdi Mahad August 29, 2012
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Action. To engage in the act of stealing a man's anal virginity without his prior consent. A good old fashioned ass-raping.
Ever since George woke up with a tube sock hanging out of his ass, he has suspected his roomate of rectal piracy.
by Dj Galley October 21, 2004
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Stealing household items (food, toiletries, silverware, etc.) when visiting your parents' house, to avoid shopping for them yourself.
Roommate 1: Where did all this food come from? I thought you didn't have a car.

Roommate 2: Yeah, I committed some domestic piracy when I went home for my brother's birthday last weekend.
by Angly May 11, 2011
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It is an euphemism for stealing. It refers to the fact that piracy is essentially digital stealing, so stealing in real life can be referred to as physical or irl piracy.
-Dude, how do I unlock this phone? My grandma yoinked it.
-I see, she did physical piracy.
by DickSuckersAnonymous October 24, 2020
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