1. A Catalyst for change.

2. The theft of ones personal property for reselling to profit.

Originating from early sailors called pirates who plundered other vessels for their goods. Todays, pirates are known also as downloaders and/or hackers (as the news media would have the general public think). Frowned upon by society, piracy has become rampant in scale via the internet and has forced authorities to arrest and prosecute the very same thing people have been doing with printing press, vcr and tape recorder since the 1920s.
In todays new, a 13 year old girl in her grandparent's home was arrested for online piracy
by JesuSlaveX August 21, 2004
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Originally, piracy was a form of theft, when it referred to the practice of robbing on the high seas, and arguably even when it referred to the harmful practice of copying copyrighted products and selling them, ripping off the developers of the products.

Nowadays, it's a synonym for 'copyright infringement', which is not the same thing as theft. Copying in moderation may well benefit the industries in many circumstances as it increases public awareness of the industries and individual products; it's the mass copying initiatives, and the counterfeit sales, that are most likely eroding sales.

In cracking down on 'piracy' the copyright police are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and in pissing off loyal customers with intrusive 'copy protection systems', the concept of copyright law and the relevant industries are giving themselves a bad name.
"All forms of piracy should be lumped together, because they are all illegal, therefore they are all bad, and that is why they are all illegal"

Okay, so piracy is wrong because it's against the law, and it's against the law because it's wrong. That argument doesn't work.
by fwe22 March 15, 2007
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An unintended consequence of tormenting clients with DRM
I paid for this software. WTF is this DRM shit slowing software load times and impairing MY use of MY hardware. I wonder if it has been cracked.... oh good, now I can use my software without this gay drm fucking me. Thanks piracy!

DRM rapes users turning them to piracy for relief

Piracy liberates software of shitty code for paying clients

Piracy that deprives the producer of just compensation, however, is wrong.
by FSCK drm January 14, 2012
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to prevent 'intellectual and cultural expressions' from ever reaching the shores of the public domain by continually extending copyright legislation be means of lies, false statistics, propaganda and celebrity-driven campaigning, the duping of gullible or complicit politicians and bribery.
Thanks to continual piracy from various parliaments and lobbying organisations, songs like 'Happy Birthday' and films like Mickey Mouse still have not passed into the public domain.
by mikes_pseudonym November 19, 2009
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The illegal burning/copying of a copyrighted CD that one bought at a store.
Piracy is ripping 50 Cent off like crazy.
by The Whole Entire World March 12, 2005
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Something - such as a situation, or an action - that generally sucks or blows.
wtf?! I'm missing my show because of some breaking news crap? That's piracy!
by Meat Slapper April 27, 2005
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Image you could had anything you wanted for free, anywhere, anytime, as much as you want, pissing off corporative sluts in the process, without needing a gun.

Now imagine you are not a spoiled rich kid like in the above example and you didn't had to ask your fathers for everything, but instead, just turning up your computer and getting a p2p program, that's Piracy baby, it's illegal since they can't tax you.
I can't believe i got 100gbs of music, videogames and movies and didn't payed a single penny, i feel bad for those multi-millionarie bussiness mans, but oh well, piracy has it cons.
by HackItUp June 1, 2010
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