The act of illegally copying and distributing commercial software. Software piracy can range from simply letting a friend "borrow" a CD-ROM to actually selling pirated software and passing it off as genuine.

Software companies employ various methods to fight piracy, including product activation and CD keys.
My friend let me borrow his Office CD; I accepted, even though this was software piracy.

Those guys selling copies of Windows Vista Ultimate for $15 a copy are guilty of software piracy.
by computer_guy February 18, 2008
You wouldn't steal a handbag.
You wouldn't steal a woman's purse.
You wouldn't kill a policeman and steal his hat.
And then go to the toilet in it.
Then send it to his grieving widow as a present.
And then steal it again!
by Why am I still alive? December 28, 2017
A term used to define something displeasureably unfair, unreasonable, or lame, similar to the feeling when one's butthole is unexpectedly pirated.
I got a closed lunch for getting my phone taken away? This is butthole piracy!
by illattack2513 December 3, 2010
The act of attempting, or successfully voyaging into the depths of a rectal corridor from one male to another.
I would prefer a cruel act of butt-piracy to another night at my mother-in-law's house.
by Sloan Kettering February 11, 2009
Frequently unlawful actions by non-governmental organizations to "shock" a company or government into action on an issue which the NGO is concerned about, usually environmental issues such as whaling, deforestation, or climate change. Done for publicity or to raise public awareness.
"Did you hear about the latest eco-piracy stunt pulled by the Sea Shepherds? One of their guys illegally boarded a Japanese whaling ship and now he's in prison."
by Mayelbridwen April 4, 2010
Sleeping in the bed of someone else, due to a lack of comfort or sheer drunken madness.
by AndyTheRoo September 16, 2010
Taking other peoples butts and selling them for a profit.
Captain Crook was convicted of butt piracy, after raiding several frigates and selling the booty for profit.Argh!!Thar be the booty!
by A.W.U. September 28, 2007