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1. To do something rebelliously; often disobeying authority or some other source of external social pressure.

2. Common mis-spelling of definitely, often arrived at when a person types definatly or definately into a spell-checker, and the spell-ckecher changes it to "defiantly".
A. Go away you moron!
B. (defiantly) No.

A. Do you want to work 30 hours' unpaid overtime this week?
B. I defiantly don't.
by fwe22 August 28, 2007
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1) An emotionally and socially, but not sexually, involved relationship.

2) Nowadays, often a term for a friendship between a man and a woman which doesn't include a sexual element.

3) A friendship that lasts for as long as it takes for some twats to establish rumours about how the man wants to have off with the woman.
Platonic relationships often don't work because people become hellbent on ending them, on the assumption that they don't work, or because they are just jealous.
by fwe22 May 17, 2006
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This word, in its offensive slang forms, is probably derived from "nonsense".

Convicted child sex offenders are often considered to be the lowest of the low (i.e. the most "nonsense" people in society), and this, rather than the NONCE acronym, may be the main reason why this word became associated with paedophiles.

Calling someone "nonce" normally means one of three things:

1) UK prison slang for a paedophile.

2) A general insult, usually as an extension of 1) or 3).

3) A nonsensical person, or person behaving in a nonsensical manner, generally equivalent to stupid or idiot.
1) "Gary Glitter's a nonce!"
"Protect your kids from those nonces."

2) "You've been behaving like a twat all night! Piss off you annoying nonce!"

3) "He wasn't talking any sense- he was being a complete nonce!"
"Well, he's certainly nonced that up."
by fwe22 May 5, 2006
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A phrase traditionally used with the aim of making people feel better, giving them the idea that a problem they suffered was unavoidable. However, it is also commonly used as a mechanism to thwart suggestions as to how to deal with a problem.
A: Damnit, the minority have spoilt it for everyone else.
B: That's life.
A: No it's not life, you tarred them all with one brush. Here's some other methods that would have led to much less inconvenience to the responsible majority.
B: Nope. Your suggestions won't work, because the minority spoiling it is a fact of life, and therefore it is unavoidable because if it wasn't, it wouldn't be a fact of life.
by fwe22 July 23, 2006
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A strong emotional bond towards something, usually a person, including strong feelings of care and affection, and a desire to keep a long-term positive relationship going with the loved one.

Love is often confused with sex, particularly due to the way society has sexualised shows of affection over recent decades. However, people may love parents and siblings, and may love close friends and cousins in much the same way- sexual relationships are different mainly due to the additional sexual element, not the love itself.

Love also shouldn't be confused with lust- attachment based on sexual desire alone, with no emotional attachment, is rarely sustainable and usually ends in a painful falling out with the person concerned.

Love can sometimes be abused for destructive purposes- people are expected to be prepared to make sacrifices for loved ones, so for example possessive partners may demand that one cuts off one's friends on request to "show" one's love for the partner.

The above caveats apart, love is a wonderful thing that is fundamental to keeping people happy and maintaining bonds within society.
by fwe22 December 27, 2006
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