3 definitions by Meat Slapper

Something - such as a situation, or an action - that generally sucks or blows.
wtf?! I'm missing my show because of some breaking news crap? That's piracy!
by Meat Slapper April 27, 2005
1: It's like feces, but British.
2: Quite simply put, a turd or log. Or for you more uncouth chaps - shit.
Brit 1: "I say lad, what's that steaming pile of brown stuff?"
Brit 2: "Why that's faeces kind sir. Pass my crumpet and tea."
Brit 3: "Good show!"

by Meat Slapper October 20, 2007
1) Style invented by retailers in order to peddle their old styles, and reduce design costs.

2) Style invented by cheapskates to make their thrift-store clothes "cool".

3) Word invented by cheapskates to make their "retro" clothes "in" again.

4) Idiocy, or something retarded like that.
"HAY! This ratty old shirt isn't retro, it's BOHO."
"You still suck."
by Meat Slapper June 16, 2009