A popular Russian mildly pejorative term for USA citizens, often imagined as a stereotypical fat American patriot. In the plural form it may mean the whole USA.
Pindoses again bomb Libya.
by kitty bot January 30, 2015
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Originated from Kosovo war in 1999. Russian peacekeeping force soldiers called American soldiers pindos or pendos because they looked funny and fat, like penguins, in full combat ammunition.

Later, the word carried over to whole American citizens as pejorative. Also, USA = Pendostan or Pindostan (country of Pindos)
Russian army general to the officers of peacekeeping force in Kosovo:
-Dear officers. I'm politely asking you to stop calling pindos by "pindos". They are very offended by this
by dildo777 April 4, 2022
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Russians are using this word to offend US citizens or people with western way of thinking. Or people who think that democracy is good.
- I don't think that Putin is a good president.
- You are pindos and you must leave Russia.
by Alexander Simanchev August 14, 2007
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A person of small stature. May also be used to describe something that is small
Oh shit dude that fish is hella pindo!
by Lone April 6, 2005
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