Sending troops to quell spoon theft at McArthur elementary. The 16 PKO's are labeled incorrectly, Kofi was drunk, he meant peacemaking operations. The framers intent is spoon theft, I am a framer, I know. This is the best counter-interpretation, any other interpretation causes extinction by grammer death.
there is peacekeeping goin on at McArthur
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Peacekeeping is the act of intervention within the current 16 UN pko’s in order to resolve an international problem
The peacekeepers intervened in the golan heights in order to resolve the problem going on between Israel and the Hezabollah rebel group on the Jordan River.
by Dr. Yohan Jacobs February 06, 2005
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Peacekeeping, in the United Nations' sense is to send troops to 5th grade cafeteria's to quell spoon thefts. The 16 PKO's are actually all peace making, Kofi was drunk and misnamed them. To send peacekeepers anywhere but 5th grade cafeteria's causes extinciton because of disease
there is some peacekeeping going on at McArthur elementary
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a knight with an assault rifle who keeps the peace by shooting people in makeshift biohazard suits
Day 40: as the peacekeeper, I have continued to fight the enemies in biohazard suits, trying to steal our supply of peace. Luckily, I had remembered to upgrade my suit of armor, and my shotgun assault rifle
by ♥🗺☠ January 09, 2021
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'Hands up!' he snarled from behind a two-barrelled peacekeeper.
by Marty May 20, 2004
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Term to describe a devoted fan of the Liverpool band "Xander and the Peace Pirates" who can be seen every Sunday at The Cavern Pub (birthplace of The Beatles) from 10pm-1am.

The band consists of the one-armed KEITH XANDER (guitarist, lead singer) who is better with a guitar than most people with two hands, his brother STUART XANDER (rhythm guitarist), spoony Irishman JOHN BIRD (bass guitarist, singer), JAKE WOODWARD (drummer) and CHRIS HOWARD (percussion, keyboards).

Person 1; "Fuck me kidda, these Peace Pirates are sound as a pound! Even if that John one wears fucked up hats!"

Person 2; "Yer a Peacekeeper now kidda, welcome aboard. Now go and get a wash ya dirty baghead!"
by Jace Jackson June 27, 2011
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Stupid bot who annoys everyone and fucking warns u when u swear
by gary the bear August 19, 2021
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