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1) A variation of a penguin. The substitution of the letter 'e' for the letter 'i' signifies the adding of "cuteness" to the name.

2) When introduced to cosmic rays or radioactive beams, a penguin mutates into a pinguin.
When the mad scientist zapped the penguin with an atomic laser, the penguin turned into an adorable little man eating pinguin.
by Burdman June 19, 2006
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pinguin: a creeper who keeps eyefucking you in the club or facebook stalks you until he decides to waggle over
''Woah who's that ugly guy who keeps staring at you? Oh no, he's waggling over! Here comes the penguin!!''

When you suddenly make eyecontact with the creeper and you dont have time to do the Jenna Marbles face to scare him away: ''Pinguin Aleeeert'', to warn your friends
by BabyBdolly May 13, 2013
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