the act of "beating up the pussy" with the penis and/or the cunt hooks to the point that the piss fenders are turned inside out.
Scott: "Hey Barry, did you know that when I was in college during the better part of the 80's I pillaged my through 2 sororitites and a midget?"

Barry: "What about that tard?"
by backdatassup24 November 5, 2010
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To steal and ransack in a very pirately fashion.
YARR, I'll be pillaging yer ass 'for the day is out, I will!
by RoboSpy March 24, 2004
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When you have to take 3 or more different kinds of pills.
My grandparents spend a half an hour every morning consuming their prescription pillage!
by Little Amy June 9, 2006
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to burn/kill and or destroy
i want to pillage my teachers car
by A July 25, 2004
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"Gay Anal Fuck Orgy in Berk 303"
... compliments of Berk 303 residents of 2002-2003.
"I love your undersized cock penetrating my ass hole!!"
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
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super fantastc fancy wonderful!!!!!!
it was so pillage when i saw mrs garcia fall down!!
by georgeeee December 11, 2003
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