a collision involving numerous motor vehicles
There is a nasty pileup on the highway.
by The Return of Light Joker November 6, 2008
Act where any number of lesbian women pile on top of each other for sexual pleasure. Typically involving four or more females but can grow to double digit numbers where the pressure on the bottom of said pileup reaching lethal levels.
Alyx: Oh man, my chest really hurts for some reason.

Mike: You should know by now Alyx that pressures can be quite large at the bottom of lesbian pileups.
by jtsiz November 14, 2011
Cincinnati pile up is when three or more men take turns shitting on a chicks face.
"Sorry I'm late for work, but my face, and around three guys, were involved in a Cincinnati Pileup."
by Capnbunz February 15, 2014
A bunnch of trumpsters blocking a motorway for some fucking reason.
Thousands of magamorons from New York to Texas and all the way to Colorado took part in chump pileups, shutting down roads and bridges.
by rökken roller November 2, 2020
The act of two males masturbating with one another and ejaculating at the same exact time. The result is the ejaculated sperm colliding with one another.
This should not be confused with a "San Franciscan Kiss", which is similar, but one male ejaculates into the urethra of another man during or before the other male's orgasm.
"Man, did you see Jack & Terry's room?"
"Yeah. It looked like a pulled a San Franciscan Pileup on the place!"
A type of orgy involving 20 or more drunken people usually in a Texas Holiday inn. It begins with a woman bent over the bed taking it in the anus . Then the other participants run with hardons or strapons into the asses of each consecutive person interlocking everyone ass to cock , cock to ass.
Gee everyone , it sure is cold outside . I'm glad we had our Texas pileup in our room and not the freeway .
by Scatprick Blomansun February 14, 2021
when a bunch of black asian homos lay on top of each other, motionless.
Dude, I was at this party last night and some gay blasians came over and had a Cincinnati Pileup. It was off the chain, yo!
by LewStone June 27, 2015