Something that cops should yell when tazing someone
Dude: Don't tasee me bro!
Pikachu gained 50 EXP
by PokemonHater May 11, 2010
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the one pokemon that parents over 35 years in age call every pokemon
is that a pikachu?
by Welchs® Fruit Snacks June 9, 2018
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The act of tazing your sexual partner right before she has an orgasm.
I've always wanted to give my girl a pikachu but I don't own a tazer
by professor_kickass March 12, 2015
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fat-assed yellow wombat
pikachu is a fat-assed yellow wombat
by Nadia October 20, 2001
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A misunderstood yellow rat-like creature that often shows up on the show pokemon. We can all agree that if he wasn't portrayed in a manner that looked like a 4-year old's imagination and if people could actually understand what he was saying, his cool points would total around that of Nickelback. His abilities include emitting powerful electric shocks. Recenlty he has attempeted to get his name changed to Brandon.
"Pika Pika!"

"Pikachu says that he hates the director of pokemon and would like to take a shotgun to his head."
by Kazyan July 13, 2006
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1. An electric mouse pokémon. Many of them gather in electrical storms. It has small pouches on its cheeks that discharge electricity. (from the pokédex)

2. A cute, small pokémon that was crossed between a lightning bolt and a mouse. If you grab one's tail, it'll shock the pants off ya.

3. See pokemon, pokémon, pocket monsters, or electrical mouse.
Brock: *Lost in fog* Hey! Where are you guys!?
Ash: Over here!
Brock: *Sees something* Oh! There you are! *grabs Pikachu's tail by mistake*
Pikachu: KACHUUU!! ->.<-
Brock: Eeeyaaaaaaah!!*dead* X(
by Ganruichi October 21, 2005
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While it is an adorable yellow creature, when referred to by Chelsea Handler, it refers to a woman's pussy.
Brittany Spears's pikachu is all over the internet because she doesn't wear any panties.
by d-shizzle-fo-rizzle September 11, 2007
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