Experience points used most often in RPG video games to dictate a character's growth.
by Conker the Great April 11, 2004
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Execution Points

They raise your LV, your LOVE

wanna have a bad time?
so you finally made it. the end of your journey is at hand. in a few moments, you will meet the king. together... you will determine the future of this world. that's then. now. you will be judged. you will be judged for your every action. you will be judged for every exp you've earned. what's exp? it's an acronym. it stands for "execution points." a way of quantifying the pain you have inflicted on others. when you kill someone, your exp increases. when you have enough exp, your LOVE increases.
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In most RPG games, EXP stands for Experience Points...

Not in Undertale.

EXP stands for execution points, gained by killing monster. By gaining enough EXP, you will go to a new LV, or level of violence.
Dang man, I accidentally killed toriel and gained enough EXP to level up... 5 times!
by TheRisingBlade January 1, 2016
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Girl who got expelled for destroying the bathroom at white plains high school
The expelie went home and supported Biden.
by bottylicker3000 August 3, 2021
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A player in an MMORPG that you, and others continuously attack or exploit to gain more points or achieve a higher level.
That lvl 100 is a perfect Exp Cow

Hey john, I just found a Exp cow and gain 57% moar experience!
by Huggable joe August 2, 2008
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gaining exp onling ine sex games but not knowing a single thing about it in real life
i have a lot of dirty Exp
by Dev_atar February 24, 2022
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