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24 definitions by Nadia

The term for being 'high' on a hallucinogen (Usually Ecstasy)
"Amanda was sketching so bad she drank an entire carton on orange juice"
by Nadia July 10, 2004
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Incredibly hot actor and singer. He will come to NY someday and me and my friends are booking him for the night.
Drake Bell is mine...hes really hot. LUV YA!!
by Nadia June 8, 2004
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1) Weird, out of place, odd, different
2) Confusing, nonsensical
Always said with emphasis, perhaps derived from something along the lines of "This is!"
1) "What you goin' out with her for, man? She's NEXT, yo"
2) "Yo, guy, this math problem is NEXT"
by Nadia July 10, 2004
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fat-assed yellow wombat
pikachu is a fat-assed yellow wombat
by Nadia October 20, 2001
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A way of voicing a mental note when other people are around. It could be a lesson learned, a picked up piece of information, etc.
(After stepping into mud): "Note to self, don't wear Nike shoes in the forest next time!"
by Nadia July 10, 2004
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Ready, prepared, 'all set'
"Are you done getting ready yet?!"
"Yep, we're good to go!"
by Nadia July 10, 2004
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