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You: Hey look...A Pikachu!
Me: Fuck! The one time I don't have my Pokeball...
by ~Chelsea Louise January 2, 2007
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to mean short, yellow, and cute
O MY GOSH, she's like a pikachu, short yellow and cute
by john ladder September 2, 2007
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a slang term for vagina, as seen on Chelsea Lately
She was caught flashing her pikachu.
by anonymarge April 19, 2009
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short, yellow and cute, often used to complement girls
cathy, you're like a pikachu
by john ladder September 10, 2007
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1) A Japanese Pokemon character
2) A phrase meaning "Shall we smoke?". Derived from "피까?" in Korean.
1) I hate pikachu among all pokemon monsters. It's disgusting.
2) Dude A: Hey, I finally quit smoking.

Dude B: Pikachu?
by pingka pingka September 28, 2017
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A retarded animal that can pop out of some capsules and can not think and has no humor
Mark: hey Bob
Bob: hey mark

Mark: did you find anything new?
Bob: just a weird retarded animal...
Mark: I know! is it Pikachu?
by tyuiasdfghjzxcvbn April 19, 2017
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a fat ass mouse that takes steroids so much that electricity comes from their cheeks also they can run really fast
by david losada April 9, 2008
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