14 definitions by Kazyan

1: A human of unusual size. You know what I'm talking about.

2: A pink tub of lard created by the twisted minds at Nintendo that has the ability to swallow stuff and gain strange and sometimes disturbing powers.

3: A person on a Roleplaying board who is addicted to pacifism and online cleanliness and therefore annoys the crud out of people whom they see are roleplaying something anywhere close to PG or higher. Commonly found on Neopets.
1. Uh oh, kirby at 3 o' clock! Run!

2. Kirby, you are one strange...thing.

3. That kirby just reported me becuase my RP character accidentally hit someone!
by Kazyan July 15, 2006
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A pair of scissors that has been made so that they are unable to cut anything besides human flesh, and therefore considered "childproofed". This supports the theory that humans are getting stupider (see airport and educational television).
"Safety scissors are comletely useless."
by Kazyan July 14, 2006
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A misunderstood yellow rat-like creature that often shows up on the show pokemon. We can all agree that if he wasn't portrayed in a manner that looked like a 4-year old's imagination and if people could actually understand what he was saying, his cool points would total around that of Nickelback. His abilities include emitting powerful electric shocks. Recenlty he has attempeted to get his name changed to Brandon.
"Pika Pika!"

"Pikachu says that he hates the director of pokemon and would like to take a shotgun to his head."
by Kazyan July 13, 2006
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An adjective in the language of chatspeak/1337speak that means to have the ability to regularly pwn, or to simply be extremely cool. See also awesome.
"Dude, your forum avatar is pwnsome!"
by Kazyan July 22, 2006
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The main character in the Japanese TV show Pokemon. Ash is not only a complete idiot but he is homosexual. Wherever he goes he spreads stupidity. His archrival Gary is pretty much the only thing to prevent Ash from spreading stupidity and suckage around the world besides Ash's Pikachu, whom Ash has basically ensalved and forces to be cute and happy. His enemies are mainly Team Rocket, who deserve a madel for their determination to stop the world from being consumed by gayness. In actuality, they don't need to: Ash sucks eggs at whatever he does.
"Ash Ketchum, is it? Good, I've been looking for you." *pulls out shotgun*
by Kazyan July 14, 2006
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Slang for "explode" or "(has) exploded". This is more dramatic than "explode", and it usually implies a comic value. Originated on Homestarruner.com in the Strong Bad Zone or possibly on Neopets.
World War 2 has ended. Hiroshima a splode.
by Kazyan October 7, 2006
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A: The first natural number.

B: Binary code for "On" or, in images, a black pixel.

C: Number used in replacement for an exclamation mark in chatpeak/1337speak circumstances where one or more users is saying something exiting. See example.
A: 1, 2, 3, 4...

B: 0010110101101001010

C: Lyk ZOMG that is t3h pwnsomest!!!11!1!11one
by Kazyan October 2, 2006
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