A single, medium-sized, rounded, and very dense piece of fecal matter.
Grant worked for hours over the toilet and was dissappointed to see the result of his labor was a mere pikachu.
by Zeldar October 31, 2005
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A cute, adorable, lovable creature from the game 'Pokemon.' It uses electricity to make it's enemys, (that's you,) suffer.
(The anime sucks; don't watch it.)
Pikachu: Go Ash! *Throws humuball*
Ash: *Squawk squawk*
Pikachu: Shutup. *Zaps Ash*
Ash: Waah! Waah! *dies*
Pikachu: Yay. :D
by Pikachulover86 October 11, 2005
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A funny nickname for a vagina, such as coochy.
"you betta keep your hands to yo self, and stop gettin all up in my pikachu!"
by Clairee. February 12, 2008
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1: A sexy beast.
2: Make you so horny.
3: The steamiest sex toy. Ever.
yeeuh, Pikachu you lookin' good in dem jeans.
by Pikachu lover June 8, 2007
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a sexually transmitted disease that makes your balls fall of, grow legs and kick you really hard in the shins.
"I've got pikachu"

"So that's why you're shins are all bruised"
by arnold/ dwayne August 27, 2008
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an over sized electric rat that deserves to die in a fire
look! its a Pikachu! get the flame thrower!
by alpha50 June 16, 2020
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The worst mistake that Nintendo created.
A yellow rat from Pokemon who is loved by the same kids who watch Dragonball Z.
Hey you, Pikachu! I really want to murder you.
by AYB February 24, 2003
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