A system that describes how cool a person is. Whenever a person does something good or bad they gain or lose cool points
You be losing cool points.
by chronicmasturbator March 28, 2003
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Is a system of points that reflect a person's popularity or social ranking. One is awarded cool points for doing something stupid or a completely mindblowing act (such as banging mark's mom or eating a baby) due to the fact that the person has either low self esteem or because his friends are complete doushe bags. Also High 5's and Negg's play quite a role in the cool ponts system. When one recieves a high 5, he is awarded usually 10 cool points. But when someone is disgraced with a Negg, they have 10 cool points subtracted. After one has banked up 100 cool points he is thought to be quite a cool fellow and his self esteem is quite high. But when someone has
-100 cool points they are diagnossed with AIDs and are thought of as sluts who give fat chicks sex.
Friend 1: Dude, i dare you to bang mark's sister
Friend 2: OKAY!
**Some time passes**
Friend 2: **Shows Friend 1 Mark's Sister's Pantys**
Friend 1: DUDE!!! U get like 1000 cool points for this
**The friends exchange congradulatory High 5's**
by WWT SKATER July 17, 2006
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measuring stick used to rank a person on popularity, points can be gained or lost depending on what you do.
when you trip UP the stairs, you lose mega cool points!!
by Will-I-Am April 3, 2005
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Cool points can hypothetically be given or taken away depending on what someone does. Cool points are added if someone does something cool; however, they are also subtracted when someone does something dumb. The number of points depends on what has been done.
Dude tries to pick up a girl and says something dumb. “There goes all your cool points.”
Dude finds some alcohol when everyone is out at the party. “You just earned a cool point dude!”
by me55555 June 14, 2008
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1. a system of points devised to determine the cool level of a person...points are given and taken on a 5 or 10 point basis...r if the action is really bad a maximum of 25 points can be taken. After hitting the -30 mark you can officially be condered as a carier of S.A.R.S. (see also S.A.R.S.)
ChronicMasterbator took something i made up and made a definition fo it...me and tony madeit up...not him...he loses 25 points...and seeing as though he was already at -20 he now has -50...he has died of S.A.R.S.
by jay August 18, 2003
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This is the word used to descibe how cool a person is. There is two types of cool points. One is called Phils dad this means the person has so many cool points it is impossible to explain how cool and legendary he/she is. The other is called Hollys mum this means the person has no cool points and is so unpopular and annoying that it is impossible to explain.
Dave: Hey look at that person over there he is so cool and has loads of cool points!

A wise man: He is such a Phils dad!


Dave: look at that old granny she is so ugly!

Wise man: She is such a Hollys mum.
by philium November 6, 2008
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Doing something in soccer that impresses/angers the designated book keeper. This doesn't necessarily have to happen in the game, and you can gain or loose cool points at the whim of the book keeper. At the end of the season, whoever has the most cool points on the team is the coolest kid on the jv soccer team.
Sean, you just got 100 jv cool points for almost kicking the other jv goalie in the face. Your one cool dude.
by s dubss October 26, 2008
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