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Fruity, wealth flow like crops and flowers blossom (Cambodian names)
Her name is Phally. Her life would be as blossom as her name.
by Veocity February 27, 2015
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Very popular Cambodian female name. The meaning of the name means “prosperity”.
Hey Phally(prounounce “Pallythe h is silent, kinda like Jose in Spanish, not Josie, it’s Hozay.
by Phally September 10, 2018
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This person is frequently labelled the asian lesbian. They tend to have possessive qualities over you or Camila Cabello, their possessive qualities tend to kick in when 'Camila' is not pronounced in their preferred ways.
'' Hey Phally''
'' Did you see my posts on tumblr bout my bae Camellah ''
'' EXCUSE YOU ! ITS CAMILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!''
by DOGGOWOOF April 19, 2018
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