The greatest singer there ever was; former fifth harmony memeber; as pretty as a model; also is a dork
"Have you heard Camila Cabello 's new song 'I Have Questions '"
"Yeah I did, I cried so hard and then threw a chair out the window cause it was so beautiful"

Definition: A Cuban goddess
by Billgatesisagodamongmen July 4, 2017
She is a Smol bean that needs to be protected of all bad things (see what I did there) and deserves the world. Whoever hurt her enough that she wrote Consequences and Something'sGotta Give needs to leave, the exit is on the right.
Buy CAMILA by Camila Cabello on iTunes and stream the album.
by cxmilacxbello January 15, 2018
She's a girl with an ass bigger and shinier than LA's Head all girls r jelly bc they want it you'll see people requesting her fine ass in plastic surgeries soon and yea she's 1/5 of Fifth Harmony
1: Do you like Camila Cabello ?

1: *Talks to herself* I want Camila's ass so badly ugh
by Harmonigga March 9, 2013
A very famous singer; Former Fifth Harmony member; MY LIFE; YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO HER LIKE RIGHT NOW!!
When I saw Camila Cabello had a new song out, I flipped with excitement!
by the word disctionary November 10, 2017
A Cuban goddess, also referred to as (Karla Estrabao) with an amazing ass. Her ass was formed by the gods. One might say she's bootylicious. Did I mention her but? She's also a super 'boss' singer who 'miss movin on'd' from fifth harmony.
Random person: Have you seen that girl Camila Cabello
by please dont question me July 10, 2017
Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, aka the best human being on earth. I don't think you'll ever meet somebody who can feel emotion like her, in all aspects. She can feel hurt like no other, but she can feel love like no other. She's amazing, she's just so funny and so awesome and so enthusiastic like, she will bring any negative situation you have and just make it positive which is really cool.
Me: Hey did you hear Camila Cabello's new unreleased song called Scar Tissue?
Friend: YEa!! her speech on stage made me so emotional
ME: i know right?!
Friend: AAHHH
by camilaisbae November 11, 2018
1. Proof you can become famous by saying the capital of Cuba over and over again.
2. The singer that will make you think her heart is in a banana
Camila Cabello: Havana oo na na, I hope my heart is in havana,my heart is in havana, havana oo na na
Fan (Sings a long): Banana oo na na, I hope my heart is in banana, my heart is in banana, banana oo na na
by Y'all are Stupid May 17, 2018