A pervert is someone who often think about sexual interactions, and enjoys commenting about sexual content. Most perverts will often look at your private parts, or actual touch them, or do something related to body that you just help cringe and be totally disturbed about.
"That boy is such a pervert, I mean yesterday, I said "Hi" and he pushed me against the locker and started playing with my breast."
by theMagicalUnicornz March 03, 2017
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A person who is lewd as f*ck
Kid: hey daddy, what's a pervert?
Dad: why it's a person who stares at his virtual girlfriends all day long.
by 2:53 in the morning August 08, 2015
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Someone who is easily amused and aroused by even the slightest sexual implications, and seeks them out. Is sometimes used in good humor, but such bawdy jokes can take a toll on a conversation. However, talking about sex does not make you a pervert. Making immeasurable amounts of innuendos and generally being an asshole, or peeping in on someone showering will make you a pervert. The latter also makes you a voyeur.
Friend: "Hey, we should go explore that old mineshaft."
Me: "Hehehe, shaft."
Friend: "<name> I swear to fucking Buddha I will drag you into an alleyway and pump you full of broken glass, you pervert"
Me: "Hehe, pump me."
Friend: "someone get my gun"
by King Mameshiba March 17, 2016
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Someone who loves others for not only their personality and the way they act, but also their bodies. The pervert is the ideal date for someone who loves being loved that extra mile. Perverts also are happier, because their larger amount of sexual activity relieves stress. Bless the world's perverts.
I love him, he's such a pervert.
I'm a pervert.
by HeyMahDudes June 02, 2017
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A guy who checks out woman, who happens to be ugly.
Sam checked me out and he's ugly, so he's a pervert.
by Kumaren March 02, 2018
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someone who does things (esp. endeavors of physical expenditure, i.e. work-outs) in a very extreme way, to the point of nearby observers' dismay; a sicko
Oh, wow, he's got 500 lbs on that sled-push... and he's going for another full lap--what a pervert!
by Illest.starfire.77 November 30, 2016
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