A state of shock used in online chat areas that is used when you have no other words to say, or you are just dumbfounded with shock.

Can also be used with a sweatdrop 0_0"
H4x0rz: I am going to kill you if you come near me again.
n00b: 0_0"
OMGstranger: 0_0
by H4x0rz June 24, 2006
natalie: hey sarah
sarah: wut
natalie:look at this meme* starts cracking up*
sarah: 0_0 ok? *annoyed*
by summer walker November 28, 2019
A funny look when you see something out of the ordinary
Kwame:Hey Natalie, you remind me of someone.

Natalie: WHo? Gabrielle Union.?

Kwame:0_0. NO bxtch. . .more like bob dillan. lmao
by youngjuz03 September 2, 2009
Big eyes!
Big eyes!
Give me the amine big eyes!
than say "cheeeeeeeeeeeeese"
A:say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese....(cameraing)

by shingo October 21, 2005
person1: wanna see a crab?
person2: yes
person1: (\/)0_0(\/)
by crabcrab11111 September 21, 2009
See <(0.0)>
look for : <(0.0)>
by ? April 19, 2003