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A common household object that can be "perverted" for a sexual use, commonly for spanking. Examples include: hairbrush, spatula, bathbrush, carpet beater(rare, but painful!), belts, paddles (ping pong paddles, sorority/frat paddles), spoons, towels (wet towels), cutting boards, riding crop, ruler, etc.

Non-spanking pervertibles: baby oil,cooking oil, whipped cream, chocolate, lotion, hot wax, ice cubes, bandannas/handkerchiefs(blindfolds or gags), fruits/vegetables, gloves, nails, pins, needles, fire, feathers, etc.
His girlfriend was being saucy while they were fixing dinner, so he grabbed a spatula to use as a pervertible. Saucy girlfriend soon had sore behind, flushed face, and a wet pussy. Dessert took place in the bedroom. ; )
by Saucy girlfriend April 06, 2008
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Any small technological object that can be used in a sexual fashion for which it was not initially designed.
What's that noise?

Oh, it's my phone, I was trying it out as a pervertible. It's stuck (a) on vibrate, (b) up my anus.
by Chad Longstaff July 03, 2007
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