1) verb- To use or represent incorrectly.

2) noun- An individual who uses or represents something incorrectly.

1) The religious fanatics (Islamic Terrorist, Christian Crusaders, etc.) pervert their religion, in order to gain political and militant power.

2) Where is the fucking TV remote, dam-it? That pervert stuck the remote up his ass. That's probably were my lighter went too!
by Dirty Dustin November 06, 2006
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one who spends most of his time in his room at his coputer looking at porn and jcking off. his only source of action from another human is usually sluts who only do them cause they have no morals.
Perve: hey can i touch your boobs
Girl:who the fuck are you
Perve:i'm arnold and your hot.
Girl:SLAP. fuckin perve. go jack off.
Perve:(as she walks away)but i already did that today.
by orange March 13, 2005
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a person whose sexual desires are unusual, or rare in social society, pervert is usually used as a derogatory term to refer to the negative, and albiet more common aspects of the pervert culture, perverts who apply to the negative connotation are usually observed as immature since their behavior usually has something to do with the reproductive system, or includes acts that are highly looked down on in the public eye, the positive connotation can only be used in a ongoing relationship, or with friends and (rarely) family the positive form is used when the person accepts their perversions, yet doesn't allow them to control their daily lives, the positive connotation also cannot be used in any other manner other than jests, or sexual taunts, this form of the term is rarely used due to the denial of the mass population to the fact that we all have our own perversions, otherwise the human race would be nonexistent (p.s. every sexual act, no matter the severity can be related to a perversion)
pervert:wanna go in the back of the theater and make out

girlfriend: no way

pervert: how about now....

girlfriend: you are such a pervert

pervert: i know

girlfriend: (kisses)

pervert: i can see your boobs (smiles)

by DarkAlterKazuma January 03, 2011
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"Did you see that pervert hitting on Sally. I didn't know there was enough alcohol in the world for someone like that to be conceived."


"Did you see that hottie rubbing his unit up against Sally. They left together like fifteen minutes ago."
by Bokiks216 July 17, 2006
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A gross fat man that looks at porn at work, and makes obscene gestures/ comments towards young female employees.
1. "yuck, Pete gave me a pat on the back"

2. "can ou believe what he just said to me?"
by Frank Smith March 30, 2004
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You for looking up pervert.

Unless you don't know what it means. LULZ.
We are all perverts.
by Ilyk2eatbananas March 17, 2007
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A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior

Usually ladies who are all over these perverted sites putin there body out to make money is the acceptible? no

men just look at it acceptible?
maybe depends on where he is reveiwing the material!
by true def August 12, 2008
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