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This means when a person has a private life therefore not wanting to disclose it or it can have another meaning where it can belong or can affect one by one person than the other. It solely depends on the context when or how the person is using this word.
Example 1: I like this song, this is one of my personal favorites
Example 2: These are my personal belongings
by Gavin___________102 March 11, 2020

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Advanced audio coding (*.aac)
This is a file extension which works like an .MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer III), which is what an .aac is
by Gavin___________102 October 16, 2019

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con or CON is a reserved file that Windows does not allow you to use and thus being prohibited by Microsoft, this is also because the file is reserved for the computer's console also known as the computer's terminal.
When renaming it: The specified device name is invalid
When naming it on Notepad: CON This filename is reserved for use by Windows. Choose another filename and try again.
by Gavin___________102 February 28, 2020

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The rubbish show that was on Teletoon. Why did anyone bother to watch this hunk of junk?
Braceface is some rubbish show which is never meant to be aired.
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by Gavin___________102 December 02, 2019

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