2 definitions by Sideso

Stands for personal bowl and joint. It's used to disguise one's activities when they are trying to get high fast.

It's less commonly used for: personal bong and joint or personal blunt and joint.
mom: "Honey, what are you doing in there?"
son: "Oh, nothing, just enjoying a PB&J."
by Sideso March 15, 2009
A personal is used to describe an entire unit of marijuana to be smoked by one person. It is most often used at a party or group gathering when one shows up late and needs to catch up to everyone else's level of high-ness.
Casper Milky Toes: "Shit, did you just now get off work?"
Scruff Mcgruff: "Yeah, it was a nightmare."
Casper Milky Toes: "Sit down, relax man. I'm gonna pack you up a personal."
by Sideso April 17, 2009