Plural form: people.

Also, see dumbass.
I'm surrounded by stupid people. Stupid people who think school is a waste of time and would rather get a job drug dealing or prostituting.
by dj_gs68 November 10, 2003
Usualy the first person introduced in a demonstration.
Person A was looking at porn.
Person B walked in and scolded Person A, then soon joined in.
by bellicose June 10, 2009
What you call a person that annoys you or makes you very angry when you are lacking a better term or are trying to refrain from using profanity.
He was taunting her endlessly so she finally turned around and yelled, "You PERSON!" and stalked off.
by Lexiandra August 28, 2007
verb. having a pleasing personality

Generally, people who are easy to talk to and like are personable people.

These types of people are not necessarily personable to everyone, of course-- that could possibly one of the reasons they seem personable to you. You see, a personable person is someone YOU find easy to talk to. If you are the kind of person who's easily intimidated, then an extremely extroverted person may not seem personable to you. A quirkier person, rather, may be extremely easy to talk to for you!
Chat with cool, personable kid at school;

me: so what do you think about loki at the end of the movie?

P: well i thought he was kinda a dick

me: yeah he was a dick! I think he's gonna do some crazy shit on earth before the norse gods catch up.

P: That is true. :) He actually joins the Avengers later in the comics. If you want to know more, you can ask me.

me: Oh, you.
by personableguy August 11, 2011
Someone that you talk to without a title or label, friends with benefits just worded better; A way that a person can be Thot on the low; Mainly a Philly term
Me: Yo bro you & that girl go out?

Bro: Nah she just my personal
Me: yea ok
by NoPickzDev December 5, 2013
any animal who has 46 chromosomes, and is built on our human genome.
"Screwing anyone who isn't human is beastiality."
by Jay September 5, 2003