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A fierce and courageous girl who is totally addicted to ice cream.She likes talking and socialising with people.A Summerlyn usually has about 2 or 3friends who always stand by her no matter what.Summerlyn has strawberry blonde hair and sky blue eyes.She is of average height and is likely to be a cancer or a leo.Those who hate her are just people who are jealous of her being so lucky.Summerlyn likes wearing shorts as they are hot and cute.
Random person:Who’s that girl in the super cute shorts?
Summerlyn ‘s friend:That’s Summerlyn.
by The devil herself 😈 October 30, 2019

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Evie is a cute and cheerful girl who will always cheer you up when you are down.She ‘s a total cheerleader and everybody likes her.She can be crazy sometimes but most of the time she’s under control.
‘Hey!I met a girl today and she’s cheerful and drop-dead gorgeous!’
‘She must be an Evie!’
by The devil herself 😈 October 23, 2019

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Used to describe people who don’t have their brain and only follow other people to make their decisions.They are clones of the anyone who you think is cool.They’re SUPER plastic and fake and have lost their originality.These poor people are being programmed by the popular kids to be the same.
People with no personality are just mindless clones.
by The devil herself 😈 November 06, 2019

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Luna is a quiet ,elegant ,gentle and mature person,but when she gets to know you,she can be the goofiest or the silliest person you’ve ever met.She’s a good friend and will stand by you no matter what.Luna often has black hair with lunar blue eyes.
Luna’s a real good friend,once you get to know her,you’ll want to be with her forever.
by The devil herself 😈 October 23, 2019

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A light that never goes out.When the world is in its darkest hour,Eternal light will shine throughout the world and save people from darkness.
Always count on Eternal light to save you from your doom.
by The devil herself 😈 November 01, 2019

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Kyra is a quiet,mature,creative,artistic,smart,but pessimistic girl who wants to be treated like royalty.She is usually cold and indifferent but she will do anything for her friends.Kyra is rather tall and has midnight black hair with mysterious purple eyes.She is asexual.
Never mess with Kyra,she’ll do anything to get revenge on you.
by The devil herself 😈 October 25, 2019

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A smart,cool and confident girl who is demisexual.She has blonde hair and mystic blue eyes and is rather tall for her age.Summer is athletic and sporty and she’s good at many sports.She can be the nicest person you ever know or the meanest one you ever met if she wants to.Summer doesn’t want to get to be a wife or a mother,she wants to succeed in her job and be a strong woman.She is not the type that will bury her head in the phone for the whole day.Summer is model like but she never wears sexy clothes to please guys.She is not into shopping for clothes but she has a good taste.Summer is capable of relationships but if you want to get in bed with her,she’ll bend your neck.Summer is not interested in socializing and sometimes hates talking as she doesn’t like to waste time on social activities,She is mentally and physically strong and can stand up to bullies herself.
Summer is chatting with a guy she likes.
Guy:Summer,can I hang out with you this weekend?
After a month,Summer and the guy have a much closer relationship.
Guy:Summer,can I sleep with you?
Summer:What?No way!(bends the guy’s neck)
A few minutes later,a male dead body was found in the corridor that Summer was just there.
by The devil herself 😈 November 13, 2019

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