7 definitions by Linguine88

Gurppy is a dumb fish in a Speedo that swims in small water bodies on Neptune
-What is that thing swimming on Neptune?
-That’s Gurppy.
by Linguine88 December 11, 2020
When a male crab becomes pregnant by doing yoga that strengthens the core. In other words male crabs can become pregnant by doing ab yoga.
Joe the crab is trying out the new trend: male crab pregnancy
by Linguine88 April 7, 2020
Mr. COVID is Mr clean’s twin and the only difference is that Mr. COVID snatches people who are not wearing masks and eats them. Most of the time he comes when people are asleep.
Hey bro, have you seen Joe? I think he got snatched by the Mr. COVID
by Linguine88 April 7, 2020
A type of cancer that is caused by the noise that trees make. It is most commonly found in people who don’t worship trees.
Damn bro. I heard Joe got Honorophine because he went to the jungle and heard lots of trees.
by Linguine88 April 7, 2020
A person who likes or admires women.
All straight men are philogynists
by Linguine88 April 10, 2020
If you don’t know what a person is you should get out more.
That’s a person
by Linguine88 April 8, 2020
When a persons skin is ripped of their head and down to their neck and cut off just like a regular circumcision.
Did you see the Peruvian Circumcision gore video.
by Linguine88 December 7, 2022