In the Latino hood the word means close friend or associate.
by JohnsAdiksean February 25, 2017
An unintended, self inflicted wedgie.
He got a perro after walking 3 miles in a wet swimsuit.
by Bob War. June 4, 2009
In Mexico this word describe a man as a womanizer.

Or to describe a man as very skilled or very lucky.
"Ese hombre es un perro" (This man's a womanizer)

¡Que perro! (Such a lucky man)
by lauv23 May 31, 2018
Latin term referring to an ugly overweight female with a nasty attitude.
by GonzaloM January 1, 2018
A ‘perro’ is someone who who dampens any celebration. Who looks for a fault in any beauty. A ‘perro’ constantly makes an illogical stance
Stop being a perro wet blanket
A perro wet blanket can’t keep you warm
Three perro’s wet blankets to the wind
by Mikesnow July 11, 2018