Literally meaning 'man' (originally denoting Spanish descent). Commonly used as slang for 'dude' as a variant of 'homeboy' or 'homie'. A term of endearment used to address an acquaintance from one's town or neighbourhood, or a member of one's peer group or gang.
Hey... hey, hombre.
by Dr. Awesome Ph.D. April 25, 2014
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Literraly means the Spanish word for "Dude", but is slang for homie or punk
Hey hombre-waz happening my man?
by justmegrace April 13, 2007
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a man , a fellow(from spanish)
He had to keep an eye on the hombre with the ten-gallon hat.
by Light Joker January 08, 2005
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beastly word literally to describe a dude in spanish but in a non retarded language, it means homie or good friend
Sup hombre
fuck you jewish turd
ill kick your ass hombre
no you wont cus were hombres
good point hombres
i love u
by No Name to the max baby December 04, 2008
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ugly, annoying man looking he-she; extremely fugly

a fugly girl in desperate need of some lovin, guy or girl

DANGER: because of extreme lack of attention, may be extremely pissed off or hostile; IT WILL STRIKE
cover your ass.
homie 1: man hombre... she's so damn ugly
homie 2: you mean he's so damn ugly
by asdflkj October 19, 2006
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Any male.
The Hombre over there tried to hit on my sister, let's go anal rape him...
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
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