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The practice of keeping your phone off or in flight mode most of the day to save battery and only turning it on briefly every now and then to check your messages, missed calls, fantasy football points, the football scores etc.

Like a WW2 submarine; coming up periodically to check their position and take on fresh air before going deep to avoid detection.
Jim: "Does Clive know we're headed to the Anchor, I can't hold of him? "
Greg: "He's periscoping so best just message him on Whatsapp to meet us there"
by Banksy1441 December 21, 2017
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Periscoping is an advanced, but non-sexual form of spooning. Unlike being the big spoon or the inverse, little spoon/backpack/jetpack, both partners share equal responsibility. To periscope, one partner lines their dominant eye with the second partner's butthole, and 'peers through the scope.' At the same time, the second partner 'shades their eyes from the sun,' and shouts, "Land ho!"
She was really chill. We hooked up, spooned a bit, and then we tried periscoping it out. Anyway, that's how I got pink eye.
by Perry Scope November 04, 2020
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The act of whipping the dicc out while fully erect and placing it carefully between the gut and the elastic of your underwear/assorted leg covering. This aids in either concealing the tiny/enormous size of the male anatomy. Males usually partake in this action while either being embarassed by their size or if they for example are asked to come to the front of the classroom for a presentation "at the wrong time".
Ah shit son mah dicc is soo rock hard right now and Mrs. Cocklesuck just called me up to the front of the class to present for show-and-tell. I guess Ill just tuck it like a periscope...also known as periscoping.
by BIG BLACK DICC June 22, 2007
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The concealing of an erect penis by folding it behind your waist band, leaving the head of your penis exposed underneath your shirt.
"Woops, I was just about to stretch out my arms but I realized that I was still periscoping."
by The Goodtime Boyz January 04, 2012
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When you stand over a kneeling girl, facing the same direction, with your balls draped over her eyes such as would be the "viewfinder" on a periscope. Then she grabs the "handle" of the periscope, and aims you toward the intended target. Bonus points if she makes sonar ping noises.
"Last night I couldn't find Josie's butthole in the dark, so Debbie tried her hand at Periscoping, and steered me right on target. Boom! Sunk that battleship!"
by Mourning_Would November 23, 2016
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The act of giving a blowjob to a man standing up while giving handjobs to 2 men facing the guy in the middle.
I peroscoped your 3 best friends last night.

Periscoping is the new felching.
by MehMehMehMehMehMehMehMeh April 14, 2010
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