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A guy willing to hook up with a chick that has children from a previous relationship. Some step-kids will love him and others will not. The step-kids real dad is either not in the picture or there was a split from the kid's mom for some reason.
If a kids lucky they're mom will find them a good step-dad and not some fucker who treats them like shit.
by jpg3 January 09, 2011
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A real man that steps up and takes care of some other guys children after having wed their mother. This man is helping his wife to raise the children and he is either appreciated or he isn't. Not all stepdads are mean, bullies, assholes, etc. that abuse the head of household position. There are stepdads that really do care and only want the best for his " family ". Not all stepdads are some loser these kid's mom picked up someplace. Most moms put a lot of thought into choosing the man she wants to help take care of those she dearly loves.
Two teens were hanging out talking about life at home. One told the other how his stepdad didn't respect him and treated him like crap. The other teen responded " Wow dude, that sucks, my stepdad is the best thing that ever happened for my mom and me."
by jpg3 August 10, 2010
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Step dads are dick riders, controlling and black mailing person. They favor there own biological kids and treats the step ones like dirt. They make up dumb rules that only applies to the step kids. They are losers, drop outta high school idiots who can't do anything but bully the step kids. They make your moms life a living hell and sometimes you just wish they were never even born. Plus they act like there your actually dad that is the " who ARE you moment" Dick riders swear to life.
Friend: "whats up gurl"

Me: "nothing just my step dad a full-time dick rider man..."

Friend: "word too.."
by ThatGirlReaper October 04, 2017
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My reason, and my people's resons, for despising my own life for multiple years. From ymexperiences, this person is a verbally abusive asshole that makes ridiculous rules and, when applicable, always favors his own children, and makes their lives easier by shitting on yours. This person usually controls your biological mother always, which is blatantly obvious to every person in the environment but her.
Friend: Hey man, how's it going?

What you say: I'm not bad; you?

How you feel: Awful; truly awful. Nothing especially bad happened today with my step dad, but my hate for life is building up so much because of him with no relief that it's hard to stand, and I only have a couple people that can make me feel good. I've lost so much respect for my mother that I can hardly even listen to her speak anymor because of what she's put me through.
by Ericcc June 19, 2006
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A big fat ass hole which 99.99999% of kids who have one hate.
Mike: "Hey, wanna go out later stan?"
Stan: "Yea, anything to get away from the ass hole step dad"
by ToxicPaddy April 20, 2008
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Okay, A step dad or step father is someone who is a asshole or jerkoff they think once they move in after the real dad is gone, they have all the say so around the house. They make you do pathetic chores around the house they claim to own. They often yell and cut you down or cut your real father down so they look better. Personally, I think they suck and need to get they're head kicked in.
billy: "you suck so dad is so much better then you"

step dad bill: "billy, go mow the lawn and when you finish that, you need to chop wood for the stove! i call the shots around here buster!"

billy: "yeah yeah..fuck you"
by motelrooms July 27, 2006
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