A guy willing to hook up with a chick that has children from a previous relationship. Some step-kids will love him and others will not. The step-kids real dad is either not in the picture or there was a split from the kid's mom for some reason.
If a kids lucky they're mom will find them a good step-dad and not some fucker who treats them like shit.
by jpg3 January 9, 2011
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A bum ass nigga that is with someone’s mom.
There is my step-dad coming to smash my mom
by Moribriscoe July 4, 2021
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A colossal loser who marries your mom and is sweet at first but then will get increasingly abusive towards you. He doesn't see you as a human being. You are a constant reminder of another man's dick being inside his wife. The greatest obstacle between him and your mom having a beautiful life together. Reason for his every irritation and problem. A guy who will abuse you only emotionally if he is a coward and also physically if he is a loser.

He will seem like the nicest guy ever in front of the rest of the family. Like a hero and the greatest blessing for you and your mom. He will never show his dark side to anyone but you and your mom. Actually the though of someone knowing about his abusive behavior is the most terrifying thing in existence for him.

Also thank your mom who exchanged your childhood and healthy mental development for regular dick and payed checks.

But there will be a day when you will stand up to your loser step-father and it will be a moment of pleasure. At that moment you won. From there on things will never be as they used to be. Tables will turn slowly and you will end up freed from your loser step-father eventually.
My new step-dad is so nice. He buys me a lot of gifts and plays with me.

My step-dad no longer plays with me.

My step-dad yells at me sometimes. E.g. for not taking out the garbage.

My step-dad constantly remind me he pays for my food and living, despite the fact I'm in 7th grade.

My step-dad doesn't allow me to eat food that my mom cooks anymore. My mom has to buy me separate food.

My step-dad throws the garbage bags into my room. Then tells me to stop crying.

My step-dad constantly reminds me to go live with my real father.

My step-dad always yells at me why am I still here.

My step-dad doesn't allow me to go out.

My step-dad prevents me from going to the bathroom or clean my teeth or shower.

My step-dad doesn't allow me to move around the house or keep the light on in my room because he pays for the electricity.

Yesterday I started called my step-dad a motherfucker. I slammed doors. Threw thing at him. Told him I was here first. Told him he can go fuck himself and his rules.

My step-dad is afraid to say something to me. He bitches about me only to my mom.

I moved out out the house. I am no longer living with my step-dad.
by Ahojli January 17, 2020
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An asshole that comes into your life and wrecks it. Making you the evil child in the family.
Therapist: "how can I help you today young man? "

Person: "it's my step-dad. I have depression because of him" :(
by Psydeon December 31, 2019
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Step dads are dick riders, controlling and black mailing person. They favor there own biological kids and treats the step ones like dirt. They make up dumb rules that only applies to the step kids. They are losers, drop outta high school idiots who can't do anything but bully the step kids. They make your moms life a living hell and sometimes you just wish they were never even born. Plus they act like there your actually dad that is the " who ARE you moment" Dick riders swear to life.
Friend: "whats up gurl"

Me: "nothing just my step dad a full-time dick rider man..."

Friend: "word too.."
by ThatGirlReaper October 4, 2017
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step dads are complete assholes they literally treat your mom like a sex toy and uses her kids like a fucking punching bag.... they tell you "no one loves you" and ur mother agrees with it, stepdads make ur mom just like them so the moms can just put u up for adoption they put ur hands on u right infront of your mom.. ur mom probably doesnt care... ik my mom doesnt. what im just saying is ur mom will probably pick ur stepdad over you cause family is stupid and doesnt care... like i cant even trust anyone tho.. not even my family.. just saying nobody is down for you, even when you think they are their just their to tell you how much they didnt like/or love you
fuck this bro my stepdad is such a asshole
oh i hate mine to step dads suck
by ooflmao June 7, 2019
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a racist homophobic piece of shit that makes everyone uncomfy expect the mother. fuck you :)
stepdad : trans is wrong

me:ok then fuck you stupid little bitch who can’t see that people are very valid Step Dad
by Muffinpiss December 12, 2020
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