An often audible, and aromatic expulsion of intestinal gas via the anus. The sound is produced by vibrations of the anal opening. Frequency, pitch and volume depend on the velocity and volume of the expelled gas and the tightness of the sphincter muscles of the anus. The degree of discomfort experienced by those who perceive the smell of the peo is affected by the following variables:

* Proximity to the anus letting the poe rip.
* Familiarity to the person expelling the peo. Peos from strangers are much more sickening.
* Amount of egg and beans eaten in the last 24 hours by the person who let the peo go.
Coño de la madre!!! Quien se tiro un peo?
by ciguy April 16, 2004
peo is a word u call an ex best friend, and u dont want him to think of u as a freak so u dont tell him whats peo means
me dming my ex best friend : hi peo

him : th is peo

me: idk
by ekka2001 March 17, 2022
Noun meaning fart or flatulence. In Spain a "d" is added to say pedo.
It is also known as follón.
Aquí se han tirado un peo.
by Taino boy December 13, 2003
peo- significa un mojon con bosina
cuando te tiras un peo y tienes q ir al bano rapido
by locodelacabesa May 23, 2011
its fart in spanish.
Lucas: "peooo? quieres un peo? aquí tienes un peo"
Maite:" no"
by realassbitchwhodoesntgiveafuck January 25, 2020
This computer is a peo.
by nate March 22, 2003
septic arsehole belonging the anus stinkius family/ rapist mormon foundation
by jimmy savill September 6, 2007