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When in spanish. ..its not a freggin verb. its just WHEN.
Boy: Cuando salimos? (when are we going out)
Girl: nunca pavo! (Neva sucka!)
Boy: *kicks a can*
by flo1 March 16, 2007
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Used as I want or need and please give it to me. But mainly just 'give me'. Often used in reference to marijuana and when talking to someone who frequently supplies you with pot.
Snoop Dogs kid: Yo Dad, cuando me some of those green buds.


There is a man who is holding money and a girl is in his proximity.
Girl says: Cuando!!!
by TheJungle May 12, 2009
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Verb. A verb used to describe the action of removing a tasty beverage, almost exclusively a beer, from a large bucket filled with ice and water. Seasoned cuando-ers know that pain is temporary, and the beer even more so.

The word originates from the Heineken ad, in which the guy breaks through the pain barrier to find his beer in the bucket of water, with Tom Jones singing "tell me cuando cuando cuando" in the background.
>Hey, where's all the beer?
>Over there (pointing to a 44gallon drum of iced water)
>How am I gonna get it out of there??
>You'll have to cuando it.
by Juan Pablo Hamber February 06, 2006
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