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Verb β€” The act of being a Dungeon Master
β€œI can’t go to the movies this weekend because I’m DMing a campaign.”

β€œSorry I missed your text. I was DMing!”

β€œI’m currently DMing a DND session, can I call you back?”
by Mushygrape4 April 23, 2020
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The abbreviation for "Direct messaging" usually referenced to the social media website, "twitter"
"If you want news on my upcoming album, I'm dm'ing people."
by PowerfulSkittles April 10, 2014
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Running a D&D campaign as a DM (Dungeon Master).
Jane: Hey, wanna hang out this Saturday?
Mike: Sorry, can't. I'm dm'ing a campaign with my mates and it's been two months since we've had matching schedules.
Jane: Oh, nice! Can I join if you start a new campaign?
by Eldena January 24, 2020
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