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Coño literally means "cunt/pussy" but it is very rarely used with such meaning outside of Spain. Its use is mostly associated with Spanish, Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican talk as an accentuated expression equivalent to "damn", "whao", or "hell". It is not formal but not considered much vulgar either. Some parts of Latin America almost never (if ever) use this term. It is almost never heard in Mexico or cetral Colombia for example. In exchange the most employed slang word for "pussy" through Latin America is "chocha".

Cubans in particular may also abbreviate it to "ñoo" when used alone, equivalent to USA's slang "daaaium" or "deeeeim".

"Concho" is a distorted softer version as "darn it".
Coño, eso esta bueno.
(Damn, that is good)

Estudia, coño...
(Study, damn it...)

Que coño es eso.
(What the hell is that)
by Anheuser April 08, 2008
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A curse like "Fuck" or "Dammit". Usually used with puñeta as well
"Puñeta, coño. I stubbed my toe."

<Roger>Jose- you have your presentation in 10 minutes.
<Jose> Coño! I need more time!
by h0mi May 03, 2004
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Dominican slang for "Damn!" or "Shit" or "FUCK" depending on how loud you say it
by John March 06, 2003
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Spanish slang for "damnit," "shit," or "fuck." Heard in scarface dozens of times.
by Justin March 09, 2005
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can be used frequently in place of "damn", "shit", and "fuck"

Gringos can use it as well; however, it is not taught in spanish class, so don't as senor profesor.
AYE CONO! that was a hard exam.
AYE CONO! that really hurt.
by Nick April 13, 2005
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literally translated means "cunt" in Spanish. Also used to mean "damn it" (from Collins Spanish-English dictionary)
"ay coño" means "damn it" or "you idiot"
by Marcelo September 26, 2004
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Used by spanish people everywhere. A very powerful word that can start wars and end them. Used for pain and love.
<Love> Coño te quiero
<Pain> (Hammer falls on foot) Coño!!!

<Juliet> (Juliet awakes from potion)
<Romeo> (Takes Poison) Coño!!!

Christopher Colombus : (sees america from afar) Coño!!!! Tierra!!!
by Jordan A. June 10, 2005
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