Coño literally means "cunt/pussy" but it is very rarely used with such meaning outside of Spain. Its use is mostly associated with Spanish, Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican talk as an accentuated expression equivalent to "damn", "whao", or "hell". It is not formal but not considered much vulgar either. Some parts of Latin America almost never (if ever) use this term. It is almost never heard in Mexico or cetral Colombia for example. In exchange the most employed slang word for "pussy" through Latin America is "chocha".

Cubans in particular may also abbreviate it to "ñoo" when used alone, equivalent to USA's slang "daaaium" or "deeeeim".

"Concho" is a distorted softer version as "darn it".
Coño, eso esta bueno.
(Damn, that is good)

Estudia, coño...
(Study, damn it...)

Que coño es eso.
(What the hell is that)
by Anheuser April 9, 2008
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The word ''coño'' (pussy) comes from the Latin connus (female sex, vulva) which is a word that in Latin was always a vulgar and obscene record, which also generated a derivative of the same meaning cunnio, cunnionis.

Sometimes it appears in late testimonies as connus and on some occasions, a very obscene and macho record to designate the woman herself, a use that survives sometimes in vulgar contexts with a strong macho tone ("Look what a pussy" and similar things to refer to a girl). Its origin is dark and lacks Indo-European parallels but one hypothesis is that the word could be related to the root of the word culus (ass), in which case it would be the presence of an Indo-European root * (s) keu- ( cover, hide), which is also contained in the Latin adjective obscurus (dark) and the word cutis (skin, skin), and in Greek in the word KÚTOÇ (`` kýtos '' closed cavity), which science has taken with the value of cell and we have in words like cytoplasm, phagocyte, cytology and erythrocyte.

The word ''coño'' the word has also become a vulgar interjection that can express annoyance, surprise, anger, etc. It has also generated some derivative such as "coñazo" (''pain in the ass'' unbearably heavy and tiresome person, thing or situation), which is better not to use because it associates a bit insultingly with the feminine the idea of the heavy and unbearable.
as a noun: 'Estoy con la regla, me sangra el coño'. ('I'm with the period, my pussy is bleeding)
as an interjection: '¡Coño! Que coche más chulo tienes.' (¡''Coño''! What a cool car you have.)

'¡Coño! Déjame en paz.' (¡''Coño''! Leave me alone.)
by a MP August 1, 2020
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Usage #1:
It is a word in Spanish, and it actually means a woman's genitals, cunt, pussy, whatever you want to call it.
Some other people wrote an entry for this but they misspelled the word, they wrote it "Cuño", which actually doesn't mean anything in any language that I know of (how do I know? Because I've had a very Puerto Rican "coño" since I was born!

Usage #2:
In the Spanish Caribbean, such as in Puerto Rico and in Cuba, it is used as an exclamation. Used pretty much in the same situations as you would say: "Fuck! I forgot to bring the condoms!" or "Shit! I need to leave before she wakes up!" Or when you stub your toe: "Coño!"
El coño de Lisa es muy sabroso.

English translation:
Lisa's cunt is very tasty.
by miapeach December 8, 2007
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A spanish word, mostly often used in Spanish Carribean, such as Cuba, PR, DR, Panama, Mexico(Yucatan), etc.

This word was very popular during the 50's, other words spread like carajo for example.

Not only a Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban word.
by Erick Mendez November 6, 2004
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Just correcting Miapeach, who wrote:

"Cuño", which actually doesn't mean anything in any language that I know of (how do I know? Because I've had a very Puerto Rican "coño" since I was born!)"

I'm sorry to correct a native puerto rican, but "cuño" is a very common and widely used spanish word for "die", "stamp" or "hallmark"
Poner su cuño - to leave you mark on something
Ponme un cuño - plese stamp this
So "cuño" exists, and a puertorican "coño" should know
by Jorgito5 September 19, 2011
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Me gusta tu coño :)
Tengo un coño gordo.
by Bobby fadge October 5, 2006
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A curse like "Fuck" or "Dammit". Usually used with puñeta as well
"Puñeta, coño. I stubbed my toe."

<Roger>Jose- you have your presentation in 10 minutes.
<Jose> Coño! I need more time!
by h0mi May 4, 2004
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