a spanish word that means a big amount of torpedo shaped shit, it is very long and smells very bad
hey mi mojon esta duro y no quiere salirse de mi ano.
by Richter808 October 29, 2006
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Spanish for a cigar shaped piece of feces or turd.

A stupid lad.
Dejaron un mojón en el toilet.

Ese tipo es un mojón.
by Taíno boy December 14, 2003
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Can also refer to the youngest child of the family, or a small child in general
Ese es el mojon de la familia.
by maria eulalia February 20, 2005
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dominican for to get excessively wet
me di un mojon cuando llovio:

i got soaked wet when it rained.
by rolan2 July 13, 2008
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A torpedo shaped turd name in Spanish. One of those turds that are large enough to clog the toilet.
Steve: Dude I’m sorry but I just dropped the biggest Mojon in your toilet and won’t go down.

Ramon: You better poke it with some stick and start breaking it down to smaller pieces because I don’t want my toilet clogged.
by joshwua915 April 28, 2022
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Friend 1: Dude I just dumped a big fat mojon

Friend 2: Feels nice bro
by BigCacaMaster69 May 10, 2020
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can be anything
After I eat this tasty burger, I'll be ready to mojonate for sure.
by Omeed Naderi October 4, 2003
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