one whose breath has a scent which would indicate their mouth and a penis have been spending a lot of time together. this need not be applied literally and be used simply to deride someone or make them feel bad about themselves.
1. person 1: i like chloe, shes nice.
person 2: no shes not, shes a dumb bitch.
person 1: nu-uh!
person 2: look penis breath, just because you were so busy giving your dog a rim job that you didnt notice that i'm smarter than you doesn't mean that im not smarter than you. she's a dumb bitch.

2. person 1: you have terrible taste in music.
person 2: no i dont, metallica fucking rocks.
person 1: exactly, penis breath.
by weezer August 2, 2004
A state of oral being in which the aroma of the mouth is equal to that of a penis. Usually accompanied by excessive oral insertion of the penis.
After going down on her boyfriend for 3 hours without pause, julie has a bad case of penis breath.
by John X April 25, 2003
Someone who's breath smells like a penis has been there from giving a bunch of blowjobs.
My dog sucks his own weenie. He has penis breath.
by Mona Lott November 29, 2005
A condition that develops during the act of oral sex, usually lasting under an hour depending on amount of ejaculate one has had in their mouth. This is a normal condition and should not require medical attention unless chronic penis breath develops. Usually clears up with two Altoids, or in serious cases, brush your teeth, floss, use mouthwash, and then forget it.

See also: Breath Cancer.
I have penis breath even though I didn't swallow. He had the worst tasting cum ever.
by metalslut July 5, 2019
What Elliott calls Michael in E.T
Michael: Maybe an elf or a leprechaun
by Anonymous person..... July 13, 2016
Breath one has that is equal to or stronger than the smell of a dick.
Elaine brushed her teeth with my dick and has the breath of penis smell.
by Dave October 29, 2003
A sucker of cock. whos breath smells of penis.
HE has penis breath from sucking his fathers cock.
by Nigga May 4, 2004