"The curiously strong mint" manufactured in Great Britain (according to their festive containers). More flavors have come out recently. It is known in some circles that offering an Altoid to a member of the other sex is a discreet way of saying "Let's have oral sex!"
Susie:Wow, Tommy just gave me an altoid!
Gennady: Well, you know what that means...
by Not so super DJ Gennady January 5, 2003
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Altoids are a series of candy and mints manufactured by Callard & Bowser (a UK company). The mints were originally sold in small rectangular tins with the tagline: 'Curiously Strong Mints.'After the mints became very popular, Altoids has now created a range of sour gum and sour mints. Altoids also has another drawing power: the packaging. Each packet of Altoids comes in a small tin or round tin all of which are designed in clever and pleasing ways.
Also offering someone an Altoid, in some social circles is in fact an offer for them to partake in an act of oral sex!
Woa! Dude check out that snazzy pack of altoids!
by Tom Li September 11, 2005
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The candy you buy to use the case to stash your dimesacks and pills
by krizzy February 22, 2003
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persons from the city of Altoona, PA
see also Altoid
I love those Altoids. They are from Altoona!
by SlurmISGood! April 4, 2003
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👃🔥altoids for you.
by acgonnagurxyou April 3, 2019
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a person who resides in Altoona, PA
see also Altoids
I am from Altoona, therefore I am an Altoid.
by DrinkSlurm April 4, 2003
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