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to pela re kukura tinka

to pela ku ghusuri bia

maghia to pela ku phatei debi....
by painintheass January 27, 2005
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pela is a fala
that hangs from a dala
surrounded by bala
at day gives some jhala
at night gives some laala
tula basta sadrusa dudha je mora
pokhari pari bia
ki banda rakhichu bedhua toka
aa gehinbu aa
boy: bajra saman banda je mora
parbata saman pela
samudra pari bia ku gehinchi
to pokhari bia mo bandara bala
by kaalu November 04, 2004
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This is a spanking, Latino style. Whether its a spanking of a child, adult or an apposing sports team, if you receive a pela, you're basically getting your ass whooped.

Pelas come in degrees of severity:
1. A small pela usually comes in the form of a hand slap.
2. A medium pela usually involves a leather belt or the power chord of any appliance closest to the person giving the pela.
3. Una gran pela (big pela) usually begins with something flying towards you like a chancleta, shoe, plate, silverware, or remote control, followed by the pelas described in #2 and #1. In addition, calling for help will only make it worse.
Cuando Pepito rompio el cuadro, recibio una gran pela de su mama.
When little Pepe broke the portrait, he got a major ass-whooping from his moms.
by Otoniel February 08, 2005
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Spanish slang for: A Beat Down! An Intense Spanking!

see also...a gritty, Blue Collar Brooklyn Rock n' Roll band.
Yo, we went and saw Pela at the Bowery last night and they gave us a Pela!
by rapidfire February 21, 2008
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Spanish word with two meanings:

Direct translation- to peel something

colloquial translation- to masturbate/jerk off, does not have to be literal though, same intention as fuck off or suck it; vulgar
Direct- "Ella pela la banana"

She peels the banana.

Colloquial- "Jose pela porque es malo"

Jose sucks because he is mean.
by ad hermano August 11, 2011
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