a first person singular congigation of thespanish word estar which means to be (temporary as opposed to perminent)
i estoy in the park
yo estoy en el parque
by dano September 6, 2003
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1. 1st person singular in the present tense of the Spanish verb "estar" (to be).

2. A mysterious slangword recently invented, which no one knows for certain what it means.
Students, repeat after me, "Estoy sin nada bajo mis pantalones ."

Dude, that maroofs is such a estoy. Wackle my tordges if I'm wrong.
by Most recent user September 7, 2003
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Spanish phrase that literally translates into "I'm hot," but actually means "I'm horny." Oftentimes mistakenly used by drunk white girls (gringas).
Man at bar: Quieres bailar?
Gringa: No quiero bailar, estoy caliente.
Man: Jaja oh gringas.
Gringa: Que???
by 1n2p November 12, 2010
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literally "to be full" in spanish, but in practice it means "to be sexually satisfied."
-Estoy lleno! Este cena fue muy satisfechoso.
-Dude, that's gross.
by DV5230US January 21, 2011
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Guy: george lopez u suck!
George Lopez: estoy disparando mi lazer *shoopeando el whoopeando*
by sB129 September 4, 2008
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In Book 2 of "Did I Mention I Need You" Chapter 5, it stated this sentence in Spanish purposely because a girl the character loves wouldn't understand what he would say. These words stated "I'm dying to kiss you" Yet she thought he said the waitress is coming.
"Say something in Spanish, It's cute when you speak Spanish."

"Me estoy muriendo por besarte"

"*Smiles* what did you say?"

"I'm dying to kiss you"

"Wait wh-"

*He interrupted her by leaning in for the kiss*

(Not From The Book, Made Up)^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by Susyology November 17, 2017
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