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testicles of men
Round objects dangling in a scrotum. Only men have testicles. Women love to kick, knee, squeeze, or otherwise abuse them. When struck, testicles cause extreme pain.
1.. Ravi Prakash ke tatte phod dene chahiye
2.. Deja ka ek hi tatta kaam karta hai.....dusra uski kali raand ne phood diya hai
3.. tatte bacha apne,madarchod
4.. seedhe taate mein ball de,tatton mein
by shilpi_hot_hotter March 15, 2006
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tatte(testicles) is term used for the round dangling things inside a man's scrotum(a big like thing just below the penis, between his legs).
saali ne mere tatte zor se daba diye. 'Bitch squeezed my balls so hard'
by ritika_hot_sexy April 19, 2009
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A cliché tattoo, i.e., a tattoo that is so common/overdone that any personal meaning it might have had is now null and void. See: tribal tattoos, tazmanian devils, etc.
How dare Danielle call Terry "mall emo" when Danielle's the one with the spikey belt, youth large t-shirt collection, and nautical star tatté?
by countess-jamal warner December 27, 2005
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