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'Because' in Spanish. Used as a conjunction.

Different from "¿Por qué?", which means "why?".
Guy 1: ¿Por qué comiste todo el pastel? (Why did you eat the whole cake?
Guy 2: Comí todo el pastel porque tuve hambre. (I ate the whole cake because I was hungry.)
by Phygar March 22, 2011
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This is a very intricate word in espnol. Asking it in a question like manner will result in asking WHY? However, declaring it will resoult in stating because.

-"I am gay"
-"Por que?" (WHY)
-"Por que I want to be with men." (BECAUSE)

by TEQUILLA jones May 17, 2008
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Noun; pronunciation same as "TORQUE", thusly pronounced like "Pork" - (i.e. as in reference to a variable force produced by a motor engine. With a P.)

Def: The inherent, and often surprising strength/force of a large person (or hefty, chunky....chunky monkey), when applied to moving seemingly unmovable objects.
Jack: I had a quack attack when I saw that boulder moving!
Jane: A what? What do you mean you saw a boulder moving?
Jack: That fluffy dude just nudged that huge ass rock, and it shifted! He must have some porque, in addition to his sheer humanity.
Jane: Whatever. I'm hungry.
by Stranger Blue Objects March 21, 2008
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A severely incorrect way of asking "what are you talking about" or "what is it"

by Penguin March 09, 2003
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porque es muy (fucking hell cant be fucking bothered speaking spanish anymore). fuck donald trump
by CheezyClit69 January 01, 2021
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Translation: "Why?"
Guy Anon 1: I totally banged your mom last night!

Guy Anon 2: PORQUE!
by omgwheee May 26, 2009
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