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Dudha or doodha is a slang word in Oriya language largely spoken in the east Indian state of Odisha. Dudha means boobs of a girl.
Tokira falua dudha dekhilakshani mo banda tengei gala.
I got horny as I had a glimpse of her large boobs.

Se bedhara dudha ku chipi delaru Sali sati chodei hela.
She proclaimed herself a virgin as I began pressing her boobs

Banda dekhi laage Bia re nian
Dudha bhundi hoi jaye thia,
Condom lagei jete to gehibu
Haba nahin kebe chhua
Are gehibu aaa...

Your huge cock has turned me on.
My pussy has started oozing.
My boobs have become harder with nipples taut,
I give you the liberty of using a condom
That will keep pregnancy at bay.
Fuck me as much as you can.
by Robert Marker December 29, 2012
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