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Verb. 1.) To check out a person of the opposite sex.

2.) To examine.

3.) To spot out and take something that does not belong to you.

1.) "Dude, I was peepin some broads last night."

2.) "Hey, did you peep those sneakers in the window?"

3.) "I just peeped the last slice of pizza. Too bad."
by GKenns January 03, 2008
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verb. To bail on a group of friends without any warning, only to return many hours later.

One may do this as a premeditated act to see another group of people, or as an unintentional byproduct of being drunkenly inconsiderate to your crew.
Dude, Brian ninja-ed us last night. We were walking to the party and he bailed to hook up with that skank.
by GKenns February 10, 2009
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Variation of the "Gangsta' Lean" but found specifically in and around Cranston, RI. In most cases the driver (of any ethnicity, however must be in the lowest tax bracket of that ethnicity) operates the vehicle (usually a Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme or a Chevrolet Caprice Classic) with his left hand barely resting on top of the steering wheel while leaning excessively towards the center of the car.
Jeez, that douche with the flat-brimmed Yankees hat is performing the cranston tilt
by GKenns January 10, 2008
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