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a slang term in spanish (mexican) which means to be drunk, crazy or insane
"Me Fui De Fiesta Y Me Puse Bien Peda." (drunk)

"Como Crees Que Nos Vamos A Ir Caminando Hasta La Otra Colonia Estas Peda." (insane, crazy)
by IZNANITABIH July 07, 2009
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1.- noun, mexican-spanish slang for party
2.- adjective, mexican-spanish female adjective for wasted
1.- let's go to a peda
2.- Daphne: you're so peda
by spanishmaster June 13, 2010
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I use it online. An older guy who cant get over the fact that hes too old for young girls. They have no life, usually fat and nerdy, who sits on the net all day trying to talk to girls who dont want them.
jeff312: Hey im jeff, new here a 25 year old guy looking for a young girl ahh 12-16

preppyloveox: omg eww you peda get off this website. this is teenspot, wich is cleary for teens ! besides this should be in the newbies section, freak

by preppyloveox ( on teenspot ) February 10, 2008
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